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Sunday, December 18, 2005 

Dear Absurd Readership

I am sorry that I have failed you all to contribute. When I was asked to be a contributor by the genius Esoteric Wombat, I was excited at the prospect to add further eccentric banter and babble to the abyss of the world wide web. Unfortunately, I seemed to have shanked my responsibilities as of late and given nothing to the common cause of jamming to our own absurd beat.

I will, however, remedy this situation shortly. I recently took my final final of my undergraduate career. I am incredibly excited about this despite the detection of calm indifference vibes that is my shield in life. But now, what to do? (note: this is a rhetorical question) Other than the new job of job hunt commencing, grad school applications and intern applications in need of completion, I seem to have plenty of time on my hands to now work on endeavors such as these intellectual contributions in hopes of redefining the heights of absurdity.

So, my first question friends, is what does one do with a Liberal Arts degree? (note: this is not a rhetorical question) It seems I obtained a round-about knowledge in just about anything, but am unqualified for everything. I can tell you what you should underline in a textbook, and what you should not. I can use lexis nexis and academic search premier. I can speak some Russian. (hmm, that should help me in South Central Tejas, hold on while a make a quick note of that...) I can name all 21 ethnic republics of the former Soviet Union. I can even supply you with a stark comparison of the Invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 with the Hungarian experience of 1956 in which I cover substantially in my history thesis. But how does one translate these coveted skills and information into a career? Hmm. I guess I will find out as I embark on this journey of job-hunting as a possessor of degrees in government, history, and russian eastern european eurasian studies (yes, i know that's redundant). Of course, this could be an impossible question to answer like how many licks does it take to get to the center of the lolli-pop...the world may never know.


p.s. If I find myself under a bridge, will you all promise to let me clean your car windows at stop lights for a couple bucks?

Well, you'll certainly be of use if I ever hatch my plan to conquer Russia (just to prove that it can be done and that Hitler and Napoleon just sucked at life).

So I'll let you know if that ever gets off the ground.

yea....bring it forward.


This is just a calling card to say I've read your blog (or at least a little) via BlogExlposion. I hate the fact that you can win credits to view peoples sites, and people just click right through it.

It's been raining here, so my windows could do with a wash.

Thanks for the read,

Making a beautiful house a beautiful home
My rant on the web

what's blogexplosion?

hurry up with that plan mr. wombat, i'm beginning to get bored!

I have no doubt that you will find something to do with that degree. It may take awhile...but it'll materialize...until then...sure I'll let you wash my windows.

Liberal arts degrees rock! However, I spent most of my liberal arts career debating whether I should be pre-med, debating whether I should double major in business and computer science or just minor in computer science, and in the end I settled on a major in international business because I couldn't just settle for being a regular business major (i mean, who does that?) with a minor in computer science. And to top it all off, here's the kicker - i got a master's in accounting. All of those lovely religous studies classes, literature, and anthropology classes were at my fingertips and I let it all slip by. I now realize that job hunting is overrated and so are schools that teach you anything practical or are associated with the word "career." But good luck with the hunt anyways!

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