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Wednesday, November 09, 2005 

Hello. I'm EsotericWombat, and welcome to Absurdity Jam. Before I get the ball rolling, I'ma explain the way things work here. On this site you will find expert discussion and commentary on a potentially unlimited number of things. It should be noted that the members of this blog are not experts on an unlimited number of things. Therefore some of this will naturally be smoke and mirrors, sometimes even in the case of things that we do know about.

Also it should be noted that the order of posts here is not strictly chronological. Posts that share a topic will progress from top to bottom from the first post on the topic to the last. this will be done by a falsification of the Time and Date stamp. Response posts will be stamped to have been posted a minute before the post that began the discussion. That way, a sort of logical progression can be sustained. Posts that start a new topic, however, will be stamped as they are posted so that the most recent discussion will take the top.

Commentary of your own is welcome and in fact encouraged.

So yeah. That about covers it

Can't wait... bring it on!!!

alice and wombat in one place? take two for the price of one. be still, my heart. and i will comment with more substance when my boss gets off my back.

You're too kind. *blushes*

this page looks like it has a lot of promise. I will link it up and be sure to come back and read more.

Yes! How hardcore is that time and state stamp thing? Not only are we sticking it to the man - we're fucking around with time! Weeha! Should be fun.

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