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Sunday, November 13, 2005 

I'm From Y Gen and I'm Here to Help

I did vote in the last election but sadly the election was predetermined by the previous one; sex lies and videotapes, a gutless lame party which could never find a voice that resonated with anyone but a few dogs in upstate New York and those were half breed pit bulls.

I am dealing on a daily basis with the guilt I feel for the ire I have toward the generations ahead of me.
(Yes you, I’m talking to you). I often think I am being too hard on you. I am trying to come to terms with that anger by several techniques I have learned since coming to this city. I have found spitting out windows onto people below does wonders to alleviate some of this anger as does kicking a metal garbage can top into an alley that is almost but not quite empty of people. The sound is amazing.

I digress so I will address you { group hug} now briefly:

I know it wasn’t your fault that you let the situation get out of hand. You were living the American dream, dancing in the street and mourning John Lennon, raising future soccer players and CEO’S. This understandably caused some of you to lose focus. The stress of trying to be number one, do it all, bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan. The consumption of time caused by coaching little league, helping at school so Johnny would get into Harvard (you knew you could get him better grades that way, it's not like Harvard wouldn't be able to tell that he was really an imbecile so that might have all been for naught), and trying to keep a straight face when telling your kids you never got high was about all you could take. The government became some vague concept which you no longer understood, (well, you knew something about three branches) and didn't need to as long as there was money in your bank account, a new car every couple of years and a roof over your head - preferably a large roof - in a large home with many closets all of which contained various designer items and enough dog food for that purebred golden that adorned your front steps.

It's not your fault that after the shock of nine eleven you rallied around the President even if you didn't vote for him. It is; however, your fault that you really didn't know why you didn't vote for him or why the candidate you did vote for was better.

Let's do better next time people.

I'm from the Y generation.

I'm here to help.

I was just wondering. Does the fact that the name for our generation is derivative for the name of the last one say anything about our collective identity? I mean older folk call us the "entitlement generation" (and yet who will be paying for whose Social Security after they laughed at the word "lockbox?") but we can hardly pick that up and run with it.

I have faitfully voted.. It didn't matter.. My state still went blue but didn't help the cause..Just glad to be living in the North East and not the FUCKEK UP SOUTH! Yea, fuckers better get it right next time!

I think it comes down, essentially to the fact that most Americans are more concerned about materialist greed to worry about politics, the environment, and doing what's right. And I think that covers every generation equally, since the Baby Boomers at least.

Of course, a shallow ignorant population is easier to control and manipulate, so I don't think any of our so-called leaders are in a hurry to change that trend...

Nice pick up and maybe you are right, maybe it's right to blame my generation for not paying enough attention. I am just now beginning the trek into fatherhood and as it has only been the last four years that I have even taken note of politics and I am well past thirty.

I am hoping you guys do better.

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