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Friday, November 18, 2005 

The pledge begins: I pledge allegiance to the flag.

It says this before even mentioning America.

What the fuck? Its a flag! Cloth! Red and white stripes! A blue field with fifty stars! Yes, I'll display it. Yes, I'll take proper care of it. But I don't owe it my loyalty.

The flag is a symbol.

It is a symbol of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; of democracy; of fairness. It evokes the memory of all who have dedicated their lives to upholding them. Those are sacred. The flag is not. I will proudly display an American flag as a symbol of my loyalty to the sacred tenets of our nation. But I will not hold the flag itself in equal regard. The flag does not grant me liberty. This country does.

The flag is in itself only important as a symbol, and it is vital that we remember that so that those who seek to rob us of our liberty do not disguise their motives by wrapping themselves in the flag.

You know of whom I speak.

All that having been said, its true. Not everyone thinks about this. Maybe that's part of the problem; maybe I'm reading too much into this. My point is that having the pledge in grade school is reinforcing the supposed importance of a symbol. It conditions us from an early age to be accepting of someone who associates himself in it. So that when some fucker waves the flag and points us towards an unjust war, it is seen as unpatriotic to disagree. Not everyone falls for it, but you'd better bet your ass it has an impact.

I'm all for patriotism. I love this country.

My loalties lie in this nation. In liberty and democracy.

The flag doesn't enter into it. And yes, I'm aware that this may sound paranoid and pissantic. I don't care. It's too goddamned important not to think about.

ha haI was wrong when I told you I had read it... I hadn't I thought you were talking about your comment under commnents.

I get your point entirely but I tend to me paranoid and pppp....what's that word again. :)

Taking it literally it does sound quite ridiculous.

I enjoyed this post immensely (sp). I have always had a problem with the pledge starting with the flag too, not as much as the "In God we trust" on money, but it's still silly. One thing I think everyone would agree on is that it is a good symbol. Worshipping a symbol seems to be commonplace in this society. Christians all worship the cross, the bible, churches, etc...And people who live in SC and many racists (for different reasons maybe) love the rebel flag (which I personally can't stand). I could go in a million directions right now becuase of all the emotion thinking about religion at all brings into me, but I won't do it today. I have to go to bed soon and you don't need a 3 page post on your blog as a comment. Maybe I'll be really stupid and make my 21st blog about religion later. Thanks for making me think a little 2nite-be back soon

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